the haitian culture back in the day

May 15, 2012

My name is Montina(aka)Mayonbe,this is a greaters moment for me to splainning some about the haitian culture back in the day,Rara in vodoo usually celebrate every year.Rara start for the first weeking of easter,the biguest celebration is on god friday to sunday easter,comeback home monday afternoon,Rara brack down untill to the next year.,beside ofthat Rara can be dancing if it’s requiret by the shief of the section recomendation,, they need it to play for the cemetery cleanning,or when they have a hand togeter in associate for the garden cleanning,but they called that(konbit)insert of Rara….for the vodoo;vodoo ceremony start in january 6th to the 13th strait seven days of the ceremony,,january6th is a event they called it(fete les rois)mean event of the kings,theymake a big celebration for the spirits,family to family,race to the others.All the spirits manifest with the family in come down into the little to the growing’up youngsters to the oldest;they have a big bathtube full up with tree leaves,water,florida lotion,mix with alot of the ingredient,for the childrens in every body in the family getting a bath like as a locky bath…After the ceremony done,they( brack down the secrete table)mean kaze lotel..Beside ofthat,sometime they have a special ceremony.example when some one in the family is sic,k this person is treated by one or some of the spirits,he ask them for apig or a cow,they making a dateplain to feeding the spirit, when that day come theymaking a big ceremony to satisfy the spirit ..the day of thesacrify,is the day they gonna kill the animals.That only way they have a side ceremony,or if the spirit is abandone by the family,is gonna track one of the familyto make them taking care of him,after that the nature day is(fete les rois)thanks for volewo,thanks for every one who suport the haitian culture,I encourage every one, specialy the unbelievers,the people who dont know about the haitian culture,I would like you to make a research on back in the day,befor 1915 to1940s untill 1970s Ayibobo for every one

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