Brandon H Lee Wins Independent Shorts Awards for Best Ensemble Cast for “Our Late Father”
Brandon H Lee Wins Independent Shorts Awards for Best Ensemble Cast for “Our Late Father”

Our Late Father

The Industry Network Alumni, Brandon H Lee

Industry Network Alumni Brandon H Lee

Brandon H Lee, Industry Network alumni, excels in film. His short film “Our Late Father” wins Best Ensemble Cast at Independent Shorts Awards.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNINTED STATES, April 3, 2024 / — Brandon H Lee, an esteemed alumni of The Industry Network, continues to achieve recognition for his outstanding contributions to the film industry. Lee’s latest short film, “Our Late Father,” has been honored with the prestigious Best Ensemble Cast award at the Independent Shorts Awards.

Since attending The Industry Network, Lee has embarked on a prolific career, showcasing his talent across a diverse range of projects. From Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” to HBO’s “Generation,” Lee has consistently delivered captivating performances that resonate with audiences worldwide.

“Our Late Father” continues to captivate audiences across multiple film festivals, showcasing Lee’s exceptional talent as both an actor and filmmaker. Lee’s portrayal of Jin Choi resonates with authenticity, drawing viewers into a world filled with laughter and heartwarming moments.

Directed by Sylvia Ray, “Our Late Father” presents a compelling narrative that revolves around Jin Choi, who embarks on a journey to reconnect with his estranged father in Los Angeles. Upon arrival, Jin discovers a newfound family dynamic filled with unexpected twists and hilarious encounters.

The film introduces audiences to a diverse cast of characters, including the vivacious Instagrammer Risa, the rebellious Rock, and an eccentric grandmother who adds a comedic touch to the storyline. Through clever storytelling and comedic timing, Ray masterfully navigates themes of cultural identity and familial relationships.

Lee’s success with “Our Late Father” is a testament to his talent and dedication, as well as the support he received as an alumni of The Industry Network. In addition to his notable film and television credits, including TV Series “The Elementals” and the highly acclaimed “Our Late Father,” Lee has also made his mark in the realm of cinema with roles in “Naruto: Legend of the Drunken Fist” and “Twisting Tiger.”

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Brandon H Lee’s success is a testament to the transformative power of The Industry Network, where talent is put to the test and emerges more skilled, experienced, and confident. As Lee continues to thrive in the industry, audiences eagerly anticipate his future projects, knowing they can expect nothing short of excellence. Casting Call, a proud member of The Industry Network, celebrates Lee’s success as a testament to the network’s transformative impact on emerging talent.

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