Dr. Barbara ten Brink Honors Sally Ride and Marco Polo at LA Times Festival of Books 2024
Dr. Barbara ten Brink Honors Sally Ride and Marco Polo at LA Times Festival of Books 2024

Celebrating the Legacy of Sally Ride and Marco Polo: Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s Insightful
Tributes at the LA Times Festival of Books 2024

The lives of Sally Ride and Marco Polo teach us the importance of writing down our journeys. By keeping a journal, we preserve our stories for future generations”

— Dr. Barbara ten Brink

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The LA Times Festival of Books 2024, held on April 20-21 at the University of Southern California, was a remarkable celebration of literature and history. Esteemed author Dr. Barbara ten Brink captivated attendees with her latest young-adult biographies, On the Space Shuttle with Sally Ride and On the Silk Road with Marco Polo, offering inspiring looks at the lives and legacies of two extraordinary historical figures.

On the Space Shuttle with Sally Ride is the eighth installment in Dr. ten Brink’s acclaimed series of biographies that illuminate the lives of significant scientists. This book brings to light the extraordinary achievements of Sally Ride, who, at the age of thirty-two, embarked on a historic journey aboard the Challenger STS-7, breaking barriers as the first American woman and youngest astronaut to reach space. Through meticulous research and a compelling narrative, Dr. ten Brink transcends the traditional chronology of biographies to focus on the defining attributes of Sally Ride, celebrating her profound impact on space exploration and science education.

In her interview at the festival, Dr. ten Brink shared, “Rather than merely recounting events, my goal was to delve into the qualities that made Sally Ride a pioneer in space exploration and a beacon for scientific education. This biography not only celebrates Ride’s accomplishments in space but also her profound impact on science education through the founding of Sally Ride Science.”

Dr. ten Brink also showcased her seventh young-adult biography, On the Silk Road with Marco Polo. This book uses Marco Polo’s own writings and extensive research to tell the story of his phenomenal journeys through the “Empire of Superlatives,” highlighting the vastness, wealth, and cultural impact of the Mongol Empire. “Marco Polo’s life was amazing, and he lived through it. His adventures are so intriguing,” Dr. ten Brink remarked. “Sally Ride wrote it down, and so did Marco Polo. This is my lesson to you in your lives: write it down, keep a journal.”

The festival provided an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to engage with Dr. ten Brink, whose prolific career spans over 24 books across six genres. Her post-teaching career is dedicated to writing about the lives of scientists and historical figures, aiming to educate and inspire readers to appreciate the hard work and determination of those who have significantly contributed to our understanding of the world.

The book signing sessions at the festival allowed readers to connect personally with Dr. ten Brink, leaving with autographed copies of On the Space Shuttle with Sally Ride and On the Silk Road with Marco Polo and a deeper appreciation for the legacies of Sally Ride and Marco Polo. The engaging atmosphere of the festival, combined with Dr. ten Brink’s insightful narratives, left attendees inspired by the spirit of exploration and determination embodied by these historical figures.

Continue celebrating the inspiring stories of Sally Ride and Marco Polo and the spirit of scientific and historical exploration. Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s work continues to illuminate the remarkable lives of scientists and adventurers, offering readers a comprehensive guide to understanding the dedication and impact of these extraordinary individuals.

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