Introducing Studio Central Post: The Premier Post-Production Facility in Syracuse, New York
Introducing Studio Central Post: The Premier Post-Production Facility in Syracuse, New York

Studio Central Post

Studio Central Post, a cutting-edge post-production facility, proudly announces its grand opening in the vibrant Armory Square district of Syracuse, NY

Our mission is to empower storytellers by offering top-tier post-production services in a dynamic and inspiring environment.”

— Robert Dehn, Director of Post-Production for Studio Central Post

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, April 24, 2024 / — Studio Central Post, a cutting-edge post-production facility, proudly announces its grand opening in the vibrant Armory Square district of Syracuse, NY. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the entertainment industry, Studio Central sets a new standard for excellence in post- production services.

With a commitment to pioneering innovation and excellence, Studio Central, a 30,000 square foot facility located at 219 South West Street, is equipped with next-generation technology and amenities. It’s meticulously designed to elevate every aspect of the feature and episodic post-production process.

Standout Features:

• Dual Purpose Re-Recording Mixing and Color Grading Atmos Theater: Ideal for large-scale mixing and coloring projects, test screenings, and final playbacks; equipped with an Avid S6 Console for Dolby Atmos Mixing and a Davinci Resolve Advanced Color Panel plus 100 40” premium foam back theater chairs. Visual clarity is exceptional with 4K UHD laser projection on a 220″ diagonal screen, while JBL Tri and BiAmp theatrical speakers ensure every sound is delivered with precision and depth, elevating the cinematic experience.

• Two Dedicated 4K HDR Dolby Atmos Mix Stages: Each stage features dual 27” Raven MTI touchscreens and an Avid S3, accompanied by over 5,540 watts of speaker power per stage, ensuring unparalleled audiovisual experiences. With cutting-edge 4K UHD laser projection technology, visuals are crystal-clear. JBL BiAmp theatrical speakers ensure an immersive experience.

• Two World Class ADR Stages: These stages are equipped with the latest audio technology, industry proven microphones, and acoustically treated environments to ensure seamless dialogue replacement and synchronization for film and television productions.

• Home Theater Dolby Atmos Screening Room: Whether it’s for private screenings or nearfield playbacks, this 35-seat theater guarantees an unparalleled level of comfort and a superior cinematic experience with 4K Laser UST projection, Klipsch Reference Premiere 7.1.6 speakers and comfortable seating.

• 2D/3D Animation Studio: The animation floor provides creatives with 15 dedicated 4K animation stations fully loaded with MAYA, Blender, and the Adobe Substance 3D Suite.

• Underground Foley Pit with Versatile Sound Capture Surfaces: Featuring running water and various ceiling height capture surfaces, this unique space offers flexibility for Foley artists to create and customize any sound, from basic footsteps to extremely intricate environmental effects.

• 22 Sound / Picture Editorial Offices: Equipped with the advanced technology and designed to facilitate collaboration, this space creates an environment for post-production professionals to excel.

• Cutting-edge Infrastructure: Ensuring reliability, speed, security, and efficiency at every possible level. Powered by a Motion Picture Association qualified Cisco Meraki 40x10GB infrastructure, Dark Fiber internet, and fully upgraded OpenPath Security Access System.

• Meeting and Conference Rooms: Within the facility, you’ll discover a conference room with seating for 18 and a meeting room accommodating 16, with coffee, espresso, and bottle filling stations.

Situated in the heart of Syracuse’s Armory Square, Studio Central not only delivers an innovative facility but also grants easy access to a diverse variety of acclaimed restaurants, lively entertainment venues, and enriching cultural attractions. This prime location ensures that filmmakers and production teams can seamlessly blend work with leisure, fostering a dynamic and inspiring environment for creativity to thrive.

Studio Central offers filmmakers the chance to maximize New York State’s enhanced tax incentives. Surpassing the incentive available in New York City, filmmakers can access an additional 15%, elevating the total state incentive to an impressive 45%. Adding to this appeal, Onondaga County provides a grant of up to $300,000 in addition to the state incentive, further amplifying this already generous offer.

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About Studio Central Post:

Studio Central Post is a premier post-production facility located in the heart of Syracuse, New York. Equipped with cutting- edge technology and a commitment to excellence, Studio Central Post provides filmmakers, content creators, and production teams with the resources they need to bring their projects to life. With a focus on innovation, community, and client satisfaction, Studio Central Post is poised to become a leader in the post-production industry.

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