Maple Ridge’s Own Nicolas Pancine Starts With CastingCall and Shines at The Industry Network in Los Angeles
Maple Ridge’s Own Nicolas Pancine Starts With CastingCall and Shines at The Industry Network in Los Angeles

Nico Pancine at The Industry Network in LA, radiating confidence

Nicolas Pancine and his Casting Call celebrity coach, Jacqueline Barone, smiling together at The Industry Network, highlighting their collaborative relationship.

Nico Pancine with Casting Call Celebrity Coach, Jaqueline Barone

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Congratulations to Nicolas Pancine on a stunning achievement at The Industry Network — 10 callbacks and 7 acting awards! A future star in the making!

Nico Pancine from Maple Ridge discovered by CastingCall, wins big at The Industry Network, LA, signs with Vancouver Agent and lands a Netflix role! #RisingStar

It all started with Casting Call’s radio advertisement. And look where we are now. So THANK YOU! Please thank Gloria for me, she is the one who convinced me to take a chance.”

— Daniela Torres

MAPLE RIDGE, VANCOUVER, CANADA, April 24, 2024 / — Maple Ridge native, Nicolas “Nico” Pancine, has landed his dream opportunity by signing with the reputable CastingCall and showcasing his talents at The Industry Network event in Los Angeles this past January. At the youthful age of just [insert age], Nico has already set his sights on a promising acting career, inspired and supported by his family and expert guidance from his Casting Call celebrity coach, Jacqueline Barone.

Nico, who honed his acting skills under the tutelage of Barone, credits his success to her invaluable guidance and the unwavering support of his mother, Daniela, who has been his steadfast companion throughout his journey. His hard work paid off spectacularly at The Industry Network, where he garnered 10 callbacks from major Hollywood agents and managers and received 7 awards recognizing his outstanding acting abilities.

After careful deliberation and offers from numerous agencies, Nico and his family chose to sign with the Vancouver-based agency, Eleven, attracted by their genuine approach and the personal connection they felt with the team. The decision to go with Eleven was easy; they were kind, Nico’s mom really liked them, and they were as excited as the Pancines were about jumping into projects in the Vancouver area.

But why is an agent important? In Nico’s words, “Think of an actor as a superhero, and their agent as the superhero sidekick who finds them exciting missions (roles), negotiates their rewards (salary), and ensures they’re ready for action.” Securing an agent was Nico’s first significant step towards becoming a professional actor, a milestone he achieved by February 2024. By March, Nico had already booked his first role in a Netflix project, a testament to his skill and the efficacy of his representation.

The journey began with a simple radio advertisement for Casting Call, which inspired Nico and his family to take a leap of faith. “It all started with Casting Call’s radio ad. And look where we are now,” said Daniela Torres, Nico’s mother. She also extends her gratitude to Gloria from CastingCall, whose encouragement was crucial in making this decision.

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