NEAT Elegance New Product Introduction
NEAT Elegance New Product Introduction

The Magic Moment for Chefs Who Create Spirits Pairing Dinners and Epicureans Who Love Them.

LAS VEGAS, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Christine Crnek, spokesperson for Arsilica, Inc. today announced the launch of NEAT Elegance.  “It’s interesting how this concept came about.  Having dinner one night at our favorite fine dining restaurant, we asked the Sommelier why they hosted only wine paring dinners, not spirits.  ‘Chef avoids pairing with spirits because concentrated ethanol from tiny rim spirits glasses numbs noses quickly and destroys the diners’ ability to appreciate the complementary aromas of both cuisine and spirits.’   He added that most stemmed spirits glasses may be suitable for after dinner liqueurs, but do not seem to display scotch and whiskey aromas as well as the common tumbler.”

Ms. Crnek added, “Checking with many other chefs, sommeliers, and F & B managers at high-end dining spots in Las Vegas, we discovered these to be common complaints, punctuated by the fact that most high-end restaurants prefer long stems.  That was the birth of Elegance, and the first sign we had discovered a completely unexplored niche in fine dining.”

Melding the correct stem with the well-known aroma attributes of the NEAT bowl, the official judging glass of over 40 major international spirits competitions and events annually, delivers the true subtleties of the spirit along with the hallmark of fine dining, the long stem.

The Stem: Raises the bowl to the perfect height to catch light and showcase all spirits. Easily accommodates a four-finger and thumb grip for greater handling and ergonomic control than short stems which prove to be nonfunctional.

The Bowl: Knowledgeable chefs and discerning diners know all too well the disastrous pitfalls of spirits pairing dinners which use poor glassware.  Tiny rim glasses concentrate pungent, nose-numbing ethanol, overpowering delicate spices and subtle flavorings of well-prepared cuisine.  Unexpectedly, spirits in the perfectly formed, curvaceous bowl take on a gem-like, glowing appearance in low light, intimate settings.

Exactly the same patented sensory science designed bowl shape as all NEAT glasses, Elegance diffuses pungent, anesthetic ethanol to the rim away from the nose, to savor the true subtleties of the spirit.  Diners can now appreciate Chef’s artistic ability and evaluate complementary relationships of fine spirits in conjunction with haut cuisine.  Science meets Elegance in the perfect choice to lift diners’ spirits and broaden the chef’s creative approach to dining with spirits.  Elegance is a surprising delight and useful tool for the hedonistic gourmet

Elegance is available to the public in a 2pak with shelf-ready retail packaging, or in cases of 24 (bulk) to restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, casinos and formal events.  Shipped from our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Visit for more information.



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