Popilush Empowers Women to Live Lush with First TV Commercial
Popilush Empowers Women to Live Lush with First TV Commercial

Viral Shapewear Apparel Brand Launched Spot Across Disney XP, Peacock AX & More 

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Popilush, a pioneer in shapewear apparel, has launched its first TV commercial, “Live Lush,” to inspire women to become the most confident version of themselves.

Created by Amp, the spot showcases the stories of three unique women, capturing the transformative essence of Popilush products. First, a woman on the go seeking clothing that will deliver style and convenience; second, a new mom looking for added smoothing and support as she embraces her postpartum body; and finally, a woman who wants to feel confident regardless of fluctuations in her weight. “Live Lush” transcends the feeling of soft fabric hugging your body; it also refers to a lifestyle that embraces the fullness and richness of life.

The launch of the commercial comes at a pivotal time for Popilush. Women have responded strongly to the brand as made evident by the exponential growth since its inception in 2022 with its Gross Market Value increasing from $1M in 2022 to $61M in 2023. As the brand continues to grow, fans can expect to see Popilush continue to elevate as they uplift women of all shapes and sizes.

“Eve’s story, and ultimately Popilush’s origins, is inspiring and highly relatable,” said Kat Tushim, Executive Creative Director at Amp. “With the ‘Live Lush’ spot, we were able to debut an elevated look and feel that rose to the quality the products offer, while also tapping into the empowerment felt when you’re confident in what you wear. Shapewear is part of a lifestyle, and the commercial is focused on individual women’s stories in embracing their inner and outer beauty.”

The commercial can be viewed on select programming on Disney XP, Discovery, Peacock AX, Viacom and Tubi.

About Popilush

Popilush is a pioneer of apparel with built-in shapewear that empowers women of all shapes and sizes to look as good as they feel, every day. They design shapewear apparel that includes garments innovated with built-in lifting, smoothing, and shaping, for everyday support. Their mission is to uplift all women so they can feel their best, and have the freedom and confidence to be themselves. Their high-quality apparel is available in a diverse range of sizes at an affordable price. “Popilush was created out of my need to feel confident following the birth of my twins. I wanted to feel like myself again and enjoy putting on clothes every day,” said Eve DeMartine, owner and founder of Popilush. “Our built-in shapewear apparel removes the guesswork of finding undergarments that work with each outfit and provides gentle smoothing and shaping that helped me regain my confidence. Popilush is for every woman who wa­­­nts to love their body.”

To learn more about Popilush and discover their products, please visit www.popilush.com, or engage with the Popilush community on Instagram @popilush.


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