February 28, 2014

My name is Natasha and I am a proud black American Women. I was born and raised in the USA but my parents are from haiti. People might be wondering like ” WOW i really thought this girl is from Haiti” LOL but no that’s not true. I have been partying n listening to haitian music from young. I use to go out with my mom whenever she was going to friends n family gathering n all the old folks would just take my hand n start showing me some Kompa dance moves n from there i just picked up n got into the rythm.I love listening to Kompa espically Zin, Phontom,Carami, Zenglen Nulook, etc. As time went on i started listening to Racine songs like Wawa, Azor, Boukman Esperyence etc… In the summer of 2005 i was introduced to a Rara band called Djhrara. When i first heard about i was like ”What is that?” When a friend of mine brung me to Prospect Park i saw a whole bunch of people standing in a circle around a bunch of a guys n a woman named Ahjanou ( a wonderful person n friend) they was playing music with Horns and different kind of instruments it was amazing the rythum the beat it was all flowing at once.I had the chance to meet with the guys n also was invited to be in one of there videos called ”WHY”. As time went by things happened n some of the band members split but there dream n the love for music n the ambition the guys had never ended.

The guys also had a Racine band called Racine Okan. A Racine band that was formed right here in Brooklyn , NY also filled with talented musicians that brought there skills right here for all the ones who left home n never had the chance to feel like there home again. I started singing in Racine Okan in 2007 n that right there was work. My creole wasn’t perfect and i never thought of singing in a racine band before but the fact that i love my ancestors and the music i put in all my effort to do the best i could. With a lot of work from Montina, Jackline, n Jackson they help me succeed. My first video with them was Ravet ak Zel it was a terrific first time experience n i love it LOL.. I had the chance to sing with Wawa n as i progressed with my creole I also sing with Brother high. So now i have two heavy but great bands to sing n to build a family with cause that’s what being a band is all about putting ur thoughts together to form one. That’s one thing that i will never wish to take back cause i went to Haiti for carnival in 2009 it was a jaw dropping experience like to see all of the talented artist that we have back home that is creating music for us haitian people to enjoy All the Kompa ,the Racine, The Rap Kreyole, n can’t leave out the Rara bands n for that I thank u cause if it wasn’t for u guys we living in the US with different cultures different race they get to witness that they r not the only ones whose creative n have good music. Haiti is the 2nd labled black country to be labeled as the poorest country but they forgot one thing they have the most gorges n best talented people out there and that’s REAL TALK..

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